FREDsense: Disrupting Markets, Changing Lives

Now that you know a bit about the humans behind FREDsense Technologies, you may be wondering: What is this great technology they’ve created? In this week’s video, the folks at FREDsense Technologies explain what makes this a disruptive product. Disruptive innovation typically means that the product creates a new market or disrupts an existing market.[…]

Starting FREDsense Technologies

Have you ever started and grown your own company?  If so, you’ll recall the excitement, pains and fears involved along the way.  It’s tough but so rewarding! The six people at FREDsense Technologies are a testament to this.  These are smart, very capable people who have recognized the need to bridge between developing a world-changing technological invention[…]

Introducing the JES Interview Series: FREDsense Technologies

JES is introducing an Interview Series, in addition to our webinars and consulting services. The Interview Series will draw on our relationships for interviews and videos, plus interviews will be shown live on our Webinar Jam page. Why interviews? Because it is important to test our knowledge of working well together in different settings. We want to[…]