FREDsense: Disrupting Markets, Changing Lives

Now that you know a bit about the humans behind FREDsense Technologies, you may be wondering:

What is this great technology they’ve created?

In this week’s video, the folks at FREDsense Technologies explain what makes this a disruptive product. Disruptive innovation typically means that the product creates a new market or disrupts an existing market. At JES, we are interested in looking at the human side of disruptive technology and ask:

Will it change lives significantly and for the better?

In this interview, FREDsense really brought science down to a human, individual level. They ask the simple and profound question:

What’s in your water? Is it safe?

They are determined to put that answer in the hands of everyone – now that’s disruptive!

JES Interview Series: Why is FREDsense Disruptive? from Jacobs Energy Solutions Team on Vimeo.

We want to express our gratitude for those who have watched our interview series so far. We welcome your comments and encourage you to please share with your friends and colleagues to help more people be aware that FREDsense Technologies really can change our world for the better!

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