FREDsense: “Stop Having Guess-a-Thons and Start Doing.”

It’s not a surprise that our follow-up conversation with David Lloyd, Chief Operations Officer from FREDsense Technologies was another inspiring one. In the interview podcast, David opens up about their participation in the SU Labs Accelerator program (insert link to video for the info on this program), which resulted in exponential learning growth for FREDsense!

David is clearly energized about their experience as he chats with Tori about his personal development through the SU Labs Accelerator, learning what his true strengths are and how to bring them to his team.

Some other topics covered in their conversation include: how their Accelerator experience has changed their way of working together, what is next for their company and the challenges and opportunities of giving up part of your company.

When Tori challenges David to reveal the one key thing they learned through SU Labs, he shares an inspiring story (extra inspiring for the indecisive types!) where the bottom line is is to “stop having guess-a-thons.” For more info about what that means and hear the story behind it, listen to their conversation!

With real-time learning like these with our allies, we are honoured to keep in touch with FREDsense and continue updating you on what they’re up to.

Congrats FREDsense!

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