Fun with FREDsense

As we got to know the FREDsense crew on our day of filming, we began to realize these 2 key points about working well together:

  • Dividing workloads based on strengths, interest and availability is one way a team of 6 can stay on track
  • Fun must be a regular part of collaborating, because there are enough moments when stress joins the team

In one of their crowdsourcing fundraisers, FREDsense offered donors the opportunity to create BioArt with them. We jumped at this opportunity! (To support a great company and create some original art.)

We arrived at Telus Spark in Calgary, AB keen to learn more about this art and see some of the FREDsense team in action.

Needless to say their BioArt exhibit was part of a massive annual Halloween event happening at Telus Spark. The venue was buzzing with families. Children excited about the day, adults keeping track of the young ones they brought. FREDsense team members Iain and Maggie were representing their company.

Let’s talk about BioArt for a minute: BioArt is the process of creating drawings in petri dishes using a mix of bacteria that is visible under black light (as you can see in the photo below). Both Maggie and Iain took turns working with young children, older children, adults and fellow scientists at the BioArt station. They were bridging the gap as entrepreneurs, scientists, and their playing with their own inner child. They were having fun with everyone else. How refreshing!


This is what Bio Art looks like

Through this event, FREDsense was meeting their values of sharing science with young minds, using their team to the best of their ability and availability, and giving back to the bigger community.

We had a great time playing, too! Thank you FREDsense for a unique opportunity!




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