Relief just washed over me….I felt like I’d be freed of massive chains around me

As we were visiting, my friend described how fortunate she felt to be chosen to leave her company.  I couldn’t believe my ears.  Last month she was hoping that she would stay, be one of the last standing were the words I recall.  Yet here she was describing how tough she had been to think about being one of the ones left behind to hold fingers to the dyke of an industry that was good to her, that she was proud of in so many ways.

I keep hearing her words….RELIEF and I wondered how could this experience feel like relief?  Here was my friend, smart, savy and proud of what she did happy to be out of it.  Why?


Remove the chains the bind us from moving forward in our own lives.

The whole nature of waiting to find out what your ‘fate’ is from an outside source like your employer can feel very limiting as you don’t have the ability to affect any change.  It can also bring a victim feeling to your work life, but it steals a very important aspect of ourselves from us too; contributing.  How we contribute is a demonstration of the Joy, passion and purpose we offer in our lives – it makes us who we are.

And feeling like we can’t contribute wholly in our chosen work, can feel like chains around us, binding us from living our current purpose.

Sometimes it takes a force larger than ourselves to force us into changing our lives.  When that force is external like a layoff or business scale-back, it can be shattering at first.

But like my girlfriend explained, it can also bring a sense of relief; an opportunity to innovate our own life experience and renewed sense of self.  She chose her path well.

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