Introducing the JES Interview Series: FREDsense Technologies

JES is introducing an Interview Series, in addition to our webinars and consulting services. The Interview Series will draw on our relationships for interviews and videos, plus interviews will be shown live on our Webinar Jam page.

Why interviews? Because it is important to test our knowledge of working well together in different settings. We want to learn from inspiring people who are working together to make a difference in the world, and we want to share stories of other Humans Working Well Together. We hope you’ll add to the conversation by leaving replies or feedback!

Interviews are a great opportunity to dig deep into how people are working together and how their work is impacting them as humans. A one-on-one conversation opens up opportunities for us to learn about how people are individually growing themselves to work better with others and that’s transformational stuff! In Jacobs Energy Solutions, we call this “Me 2 We”; moving from working on the “me” with an intention of working with the “we” in a better way. Each and every one of us is responsible for working well together – it starts with people working through their own stuff and learning what they need to do to regulate for the best work with others.

To start off the interview series, we spent a day with the founders of FREDsense Technologies, interviewing each team member individually and asking questions like: How do you practice your values in your work? How has your experience with FREDsense changed you as a person? How do you juggle life and FREDsense dream? What are some of the most important tips you have learned about working well with your group? Wow, did they ever inspire us with their responses! They are a group of amazing individuals and they make up a highly effective, collaborative team.

We will be posting the videos we created with them in the following over the next few weeks. Our first video post is on FREDsense’s recent opportunity to go to the Singularity University Labs Accelerator Program. We interviewed them just before this opportunity in the fall and they were pumped to tell us what it meant for them as a company. The first video in the series highlights how willing they are to grow themselves to work better together and to bring a disruptive technology to world.

JES Interview Series: FREDsense on Singularity University Labs Accelerator Program from Jacobs Energy Solutions Team on Vimeo.

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  • Exciting step in your lives!!! Checked out your website and videos and it looks like you’re on an amazing path!
    (Love you Auntie! I wish you girls the best of luck as you move forward in your journey!)

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