Keep your Focus by using a Conch Shell

When it comes to keeping focused throughout the day, I struggled with this a lot.  Whether it was feeling anxious about something or just having a hard time staying on track with one thing, I noticed that sometimes I’d be having a conversation with someone and my mind would be on something completely different.

With technology use, our attention is often pulled in several different directions at the same time. The unfortunate thing about that is, when our attention is diverted, we actually attend to nothing.

So, I set out to change that so I could call on my brain to be focused for something specific.  In setting this change into my day, I understood the importance of visualizing the change I wanted to see in myself, as well as making it tangible.  So visualizing myself being able to focus on demand I figured would be pretty much life changing for me.  Making physical contact with something (In my case, the conch shell piece), was my reminder for my brain to get focused; pay attention.  Well, it’s worked wonders for me using this simple tool to remind my brain to stay present.  

Could this help you?  Well, Whether its being there for a conversation, or creating positive change in your life, they both require our brain to stay focused on one thing, take it in, process it and be able to respond.  Having a tool to help you get there can seem like magic at first because it is so easy to use.  But really its forming a new habit  – a habit that helps our brain respond positively to this quick physical reminder to FOCUS.

Check out this new video below….. Focus, Be Present and Enjoy your day!

Let me know how you make out trying this little tip out!

Transcript of this post –

Using a little tool can help you improve your ability to focus and be PRESENT for conversations with others:

I want you to meet a little friend that I use everyday.

<Little friend, where are you!>  Here you are!

This is just a little conch shell.  What makes this so special to me is that its been polished, like we have been, from eons of experiences tumbling around in the sea of life for us.  For them, the seas, the oceans of the world.

I just picked this up off the beach somewhere.

I use it in a couple of different ways that I’d like to share with you.

One is, when I am trying to have focus and especially when I’m trying to have a conversation with someone.

I started to realize something in myself – I’d be standing, having a conversation with someone and I’d hear myself saying aha….oh yeah….hmm,  and I realized that I wasn’t even thinking or being present for that person.

I’d be thinking about my next meeting or emails I hadn’t responded to yet or my husband or somebody in my family or my friends that I needed to check-in with.  Honestly, it made me feel ashamed.  It made me feel that I was cheating that person and myself.

Myself, because I realized that I’d have to do this AGAIN…check-in with this person because I didn’t remember what we talked about.  and with the person, because, I was kind of responding…..I’l bet you they had the expectation that I was actually listening, participating in the dialogue.   And yet, I wasn’t.

So, in pops my little friend who comes with me wherever I go.  That’s why I like to wear things with pockets.  In he or she goes – whatever.  Just simply make contact with this little guy when you’re having a conversation with someone and your thoughts are kind of spiralling out into the universe…they are gone.  Nowhere to be found yet again.  Making contact with this little guy helps me to just remind myself viscerally that I can be present.  That I NEED to be present.

So, Rub the little guy…..BOOM, I’m here!  I’m here for you.  I hope you like the little buddy idea.

I brought some other examples.  A stone of any sort, a rock.  It doesn’t really matter.  It’s something little that is super smooth that you can just make contact with and have that visceral reminder.  BE HERE.

I’d be really interested in some kind of tip you use to manage your anxiety and your focus.  If you use a tool pop me an email.  Or if you have a question for me about how I use it, put something in the comment section below.  I’d really like to hear form you and carry on this conversation.

Have an awesome day!


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