Our Experience with FREDSense

To launch our Interview Series, we spent a day interviewing the team behind FREDSense Technologies, an innovative water monitoring tool that uses synthetic biology. It was an exciting, and exhausting day filled with questions like:
What’s synthetic biology? Why is this technology so innovative and different? How did you figure out how to work together as a team? What is the real drive behind this company?
We hope you’ll tune in to each of the interview videos to find out the answers to these!

To debrief as a team at the end of the day, we asked ourselves: what inspired you about FREDSense?
The passion that each of them bring and their willingness to grow themselves to advance a common cause. They seem to have a great balance between leveraging their existing strengths, but also being willing to stretch themselves, especially in developing their business skills, as they are scientists by training.
The simple fact that they are diverse people coming together with a common interest. They are making their diversity work for them in their work together, especially by using different communications tools and really being disciplined about it.
Finally, we were inspired by how all 6 of FREDSense team are so different in personality and conversation. Though they’ve gone through many challenges, they are completely committed to working together. Bumps along the way are reminders to keep on working well together.
This Interview Series helps us test and grow our understanding of collaboration and how humans can work well together. Interviewing FREDSense definitely strengthened our learning that using tools to collaborate really is essential.

In one of our interviews with co-founder, Robert Mayall, he said, “this is what science is about.” Likewise, diverse groups of people working together towards a common cause is what collaboration and co-creation is all about!

Reflections on Collaboration with the Founders of FREDsense from Jacobs Energy Solutions Team on Vimeo.

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