About Us

We came together through our work with the Sustainable Communities Initiative, in a highly innovative, collaborative and complex environment. After years of learning and working together, we are leveraging our individual and collective strengths, and are committed to serve you and your organization.

We provide Business Solutions centered around you and people around you so you and your business thrive. We help you achieve your goals efficiently, effectively, and collaboratively.

Contact us to discover how we can be of service to you and your team to move to the leading edge of Humans Working Well Together  or join our network.

We are:

What I’ve learned in over 30 years in business is our success is dependent on those around us.  It has to do with how well we work with each other.
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My mission is to connect you to your highest impact and good.  Working with you to increase your impact and value in the world by improving how people work with each other internally in your organization, and with other organizations whether they be suppliers, clients or stakeholders.

As a Serial entrepreneur, I am strategic and action-oriented with extensive experience in business, alliance formation & management, and multi-party collaboration.



Relationships are the foundation of all success. I believe the common denominator of working well together is the vital skill of knowing how to apply things we know, with what we are keen to learn more about.

10414564_10154664403755156_4485921941215797597_nMy professional experience spans over 10 years. I’ve spent my career applying knowledge from a BA in Communications & Culture with learning in a range of roles: from non-profit employee to entrepreneur to community engagement professional for a multinational energy company.

Now living life as wife, mother, serial brainstormer and consultant, I am keen to share the knowledge I have gained on high-impact engagement in various forms and work with you on the skills of how working well together can make the biggest difference in work…and in life.



I am passionate about helping people and organizations come together to create shared value, meaningful relationships and positive outcomes to all involved. There is great strength in this diversity, especially when solving big challenges.Headshot-Tori

Highly skilled at connecting big-picture strategy with on-the-ground actions, I bring positive intentional energy to everyone I work with.

I graduated from Queen’s University with a BA Honors in Economics, with a minor in Global Development and have since been consulting with communities and energy companies on relationships, engagement and development facilitating the creation of  shared value.