Reinvent your company every 3.5 years

I recently watched Nadya Zhexembayeva talk about the need to reinvent our
companies EVERY 3.5 years.

Guiding us through some history about the cycle time for business reinvention, starting where it would take 75 years to go through the full cycle.  Then most people would spend their entire careers with one company.  The manifestation of change taking us to a 15 year cycle where we’d change several times and now on to a 7 year cycle, recommending reinvention of businesses every 3.5 years !75_15_7 years

Businesses are focused on ‘what do we do best’ and how can we monetize it and smart businesses put a great deal of action into engaging their employees.

For many businesses, especially small ones, the thought of spending time and energy on the next big transformation for the company is a way off event that may never happen until the business goes stale or income decreases and forces us into some kind of rethinking; it becomes a crisis rather than a choice and plan.  The cycle of company sustainability is shrinking so quickly that those who aren’t comfortable with this fast changing pace are being left behind.

In order for companies to thrive, they must let go and let’s face it, Letting go is tough, but in our fast paced world is becoming an essential skill.  And let’s face it, in order to be able to change and transform our businesses at this pace, we also need to reinvent ourselves in order to even drive this kind of thinking.

Check out the TED talk by Nadya here:

reinventing_Ted Nadya
Do you think about how to reinvent your businesses?
What skills do you think are needed to do this?

Please share your thoughts and experiences below….



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