Release Anxious Feelings & Limiting Beliefs

It’s Helen here with a second tip for how a piece of conch shell can be used to calm anxiety, and also how to use it to release limiting beliefs.  Just so we are all on track with each other, limiting beliefs are something that we believe to be true about ourselves, our identity, or the world around us that hold us back and limit us from our true potential in life.  This also creates anxiety for many of us so they are pretty related.

For a lot of us, we have a lot going on in our lives. Our jobs, businesses, our friends, family….It can sometimes feel wonderful to be needed.  But it can also make us feel so fractured, that we just can’t handle it all.  Our minds start swirling out of control, and we’re soon lost in our thoughts and plots, not sure what to do next as anxiety bubbles up and takes over our thoughts, feelings and actions.


This conch shell would be hard to carry around! So please use just a piece of a conch shell – one you find on a beach that has been smoothed by the oceans and seas over time.

Using this simple tool is a reminder that the anxiety that bubbles up can be calmed. Whether that is when you just don’t feel like you can handle all that is going on in your day or notice a limiting belief pop up in consciousness

Here’s how to use it, using an example of limiting beliefs.

So some things that I noticed pop up into my head when I started sharing my experiences by blogging, like:

“Who am I to think I could do this”?

Seriously, standing in front of you and talking about my life,  what I’ve learned about coping with anxiety, life, work, business.

While I love being in service of people, I started noticing I’d get these thoughts (maybe you’ll recognize some in you?)

“Who the heck am I to share anything with you”?  “I’m no doctor; I’m not even an expert”.

“I’m just someone that cares an awful lot about helping people to thrive in their lives”.

While I love being in service of other people, the “Who the heck am I to think…. I’m no expert” was really sitting heavy on me and scaring me – wham, light bulb goes on – that’s a Limiting belief!

Realizing that this belief was that I would never have enough experience, enough training, to share with you. That I couldn’t help until I’d done more, and there would never be enough. WOW! That was a whopper for me.  Just so you know, when I realized that was a limiting belief, I also got a flash of the memory of an experience over 30 years ago which locked that belief inside of me….it was when I was first starting out after college – years ago.  Imagine, that had been there rumbling around, framing my life for SO long!

Here’s the deal. When I notice one of these limiting beliefs in me, I make contact with this little piece of conch shell. And here’s what I think about.

Just like the sand and the seas polish the shells as they tumble around in the water and waves, for eons really. I remind myself that this limiting belief can be released from me.

So I use this little guy, the conch shell piece. I literally just make contact with it, and rub it with my thumb and I transfer that limiting belief from myself to the conch shell.

Seriously, the conch shell is willing – it doesn’t have any limiting beliefs.

This is just a great reminder that we don’t have to hang on to the chains that are binding us like limiting beliefs or anxiety. Just grab it, carry it with you everywhere.  That way, when a belief pops up, you get to deal with it right away, right in that moment instead of putting it on the shelf for another time (that may not happen!).

Maybe you’ve got something in mind already that you can use it for.

We all have limiting beliefs. Every time we release something, it gets easier to notice and release others that pop up. It’s actually pretty cool once you’re aware of it, how you can notice – hmm, limiting belief. Conch Shell release. Deep breath and smile! Another one recognized, surfaced and gone.

You don’t have to be plotting, sitting, thinking, using up all your brain power because someone was mean to you, and trigger a limiting belief inside you. And you’re thinking about all the things you can get back at them for.

Just use the little guy and get rid of it! Polish it like the sand and just release that limiting belief into the conch shell.

It works for me. I hope it will work for you.

If you need some help with this, or you want a little piece of conch shell let me know.

Go down to the comments section and tell me what helps you release your anxiety and your limiting beliefs? I’d love to hear what you are doing!

This is Helen and her buddy the conch shell signing off until next time.

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