JES Team Highlights

Highlights of the JES Team Experience

We have a multi-generational team with diverse, collaborative, progressive experience in sustainability, community development, project management, major capital projects and business development.  Having this broad-based experience means we can assist your team in moving from a transactional to vision and results focused.


Collaborative Project Management

Multi-party collaboration initiative (industry partners, two Aboriginal communities, regional government organizations, RCMP, school boards, Alberta Education)

  • Visioning with industry partners and community leaders
  • Facilitated determination of best organizational structure and processes to ensure power balance and collaboration among all partners
  • Project management, and operational support services
  • Assist start-up of community non-profit organizations and partnerships to administer and develop community-based youth programming
  • Transitioned multi-client, multi-year project to long term sustainability model


Design and implementation of an alliance started with the intention of shrinking cost and cycle time of small capital projects in ($50 MM and less).  

  • This alliance involved client, identified preferred fabricators, compressor manufacturer, engineering and construction EPC preferred supplier.    

Community Collaboration at School for Students with Learning Challenges (Bahamas)

  • Collaborate with staff, physicians, therapists, international universities to design and implement a Sensory Integration Program.  Now a stand-alone program and integrated into classrooms to facilitate emotional and sensory regulation in students as well as assisting with coping skills for teaching staff.  


Work with Aboriginal communities

  • Designed and implemented multiple programs and training programs on behalf of industry partners.
  • Managed economic development programs on major capital projects
  • Facilitated collaborative teams to operate in ways that are culturally relevant and integrate traditional knowledge


Facilitation and Event Planning

  • Designed and co-facilitated large but focused planning events with community groups, oilsands partners, local government organizations and allies.  
  • Designed and facilitated steering committee, board meetings.
  • Designed and co-facilitated meet-ups in local communities to engage youth, adults and elders to plan and design of events in their own communities rather than being simple participants.  
  • Facilitated youth training to speak at events and regional, country-wide conferences
  • Co-facilitated planning and running Experiential Learning Gatherings
    • Primary objective was to further embed camps and multi-generational learnings that had happened throughout the year (youth, land users, educators) and discuss how to continue to spread this concept.
    • Attendees included youth, adults, partners organizations (oil sands companies, Alberta Education, Northland School Division, RMWB elected officials, learning partners from Alberta, Yukon, Saskatchewan).