Secretariat Support Services

Do you want to:

  • Get more effective results from the time & effort your organization puts into boards, committees & innovation?
  • Reach common goals?
  • Establish a shared vision and make measured progress towards it?
  • Drive change with everyone supporting the identified plan?
  • Do you want to stop searching for board minutes and decisions?

When working as your Secretariat, we tailor support services for you and your team’s needs collaboratively. Our style is professional, friendly, transparent and focused.  So your desired results are delivered on time and meet your expectations.

Many great organizations want to increase their effectiveness & provide the highest quality outcomes between their teams and their partner organizations.

Whether you need to manage the complexities of boards, partnerships or multi-group collaboration,  we can help you keep your organization thriving & growing.

Strong communication, administrative and project management skills, combined with sound understandings of group processes are vital to achieve the best possible outcomes for organizations involved in complex and exciting innovation initiatives.  

We take your needs seriously, understanding the value and importance of providing consistent quality connections between all participants. This responsibility can mean the difference in achieving your outcomes fully, or not.

We pride ourselves in our experience spanning across many sectors:

  • Corporate multi-party boards, business alliances
  • Government,
  • Non-profit,
  • Multi-community,
  • Influencers, change agents and innovators

We’ve touched them all, sometimes simultaneously in one innovative project, in the role of Secretariat.

We help our clients by:

  • Keeping clear records by providing administrative support, planning, tracking and storage
  • Understanding realities, innovation paths and historical information by researching as required
  • Supporting collaboration with strong visuals from models we have developed
  • Achieving cohesion by serving on committees (or Chairing them)
  • Crafting engaging presentations and communications for internal & external audiences
  • Moving processes along through planning & facilitation of meetings (virtual, teleconference, in person)
  • Facilitating strategic planning and visioning, implementing measures of success and tracking progress
  • Focusing direction of change initiatives
  • Creating and maintaining internal documents (meeting minutes, decision logs, briefing & annual reports)
  • Building teams and resolving conflicts
  • Planning engaging and interactive events
  • Seeing our clients’ goals actualized!

Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you and your team achieve your goals efficiently, effectively, and collaboratively.