Starting FREDsense Technologies

Have you ever started and grown your own company?  If so, you’ll recall the excitement, pains and fears involved along the way.  It’s tough but so rewarding!

The six people at FREDsense Technologies are a testament to this.  These are smart, very capable people who have recognized the need to bridge between developing a world-changing technological invention and growing serious business acumen to successfully market & promote their business.

This video highlights essential tips they learned while starting up their company.  Here are their pathways to success to watch for on this video:

FREDsense Startup from Jacobs Energy Solutions Team on Vimeo.

  1. Find mentors and leverage each other’s networks
  •      Advisors for business skills
  •      Leveraging each other’s networks gave them the ability to develop a broad network
  1. Make every dollar count
  •      They took action as they could afford and didn’t let money get in their way.
  •      Instead of dealing with a daunting budget, they started in a family member’s kitchen
  •      Growth in spurts as they could manage it
  1.  Build your Trust and Communication skills
  •      It isn’t just about being nice with each other, it is a most essential key to success.
  1.     Remember the Passion & Vision you share with each other
  •      First have a passion & vision, then make certain you stick together , and remind each other of it.


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