Welcome to our new Jacobs Energy Solutions Website

Welcome to the Jacobs Energy Solutions Website!

Launching our new website is the culmination of many months of work on a new aspect of our business and some new faces in Jacobs Energy Solutions as well. Collaborating on this project is the team of Helen Jacobs, Tori D’Avella and Lynne Couves. We originally met through our experience in supporting the Sustainable Communities Initiative. This strong alliance between the three of us is the outcome of many months of inspiring exploration and a lot of hard work. 

As we expand the company to offer webinars and other online resources to our customers,  we are able to reach a wider variety of individuals, communities and companies and help them achieve the results they dream of.  
Here are some of the questions we posed to get us going in the right area of expansion: 

  • How would an online approach help our customers gain a collaborative or strategic advantage?
  • How can we increase our ability to meet more customers’ needs?
  • What structures do we need in order to have a truly collaborative culture in an online environment?
  • How would the services we currently offer (facilitation, project management, coaching) complement webinars?

Through this we concluded that online resources such as webinars, blog posts and video interviews will assist our customers more than any other added service we could offer.
Through our individual values and interests, diverse backgrounds, enthusiasm and collective commitment to supporting Humans Working Well Together we are excited to share our launch with you.


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