Why Work Together When the Economy is Failing us?

empty meeting roomPick up a newspaper, turn on any device and you’re sure to hear doom and gloom – layoffs, low commodity prices, economic downturn, recession, vacancy, the list goes on. This kind of rhetoric leads to a lot of fear (understandably) and translates to the way we work together. In the office I work in, I am struck by the sudden availability of meeting rooms – two years ago, if I had forgotten to book a meeting room, it was nearly impossible to find one. Now, I see empty meeting rooms left, right and centre. Kind of scary, isn’t it?


It seems like when the economy isn’t doing great, we’re suddenly scared and less able to meet and work together:

yikesLess people working =

More stuff to do for those who are still employed =

Less time for individuals to get everything done =

Bearing the weight of it all, while trying to be thankful that you are still employed. Sound familiar? 


There also seems to be fear about the optics of working together, as if meetings are a complete waste of time. On top of all this, team morale might be low with the loss of colleagues and friends – we’re all human after all and there is a huge emotional element to all this that shouldn’t be overlooked or underestimated.

Rather than the fear-motivated perspective I’ve described, I invite you to look at the opportunities of economic downturn and the associated pressures within your workplace. This is an opportunity to get critical about meeting purposes, seek efficiencies within and between meetings and continually work on working together.

Plus, consider the long view: if you give up on your team and get out of practice of working well together, what’s going to happen when the economy recovers? Your team could be growing again in no time, and it’s tough to integrate new people into a team that isn’t practiced at supporting each other, coordinating and collaborating.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be bringing you team, business and personal solutions to working well together when the times are tough. This will include articles and tools like:

  • Collaborative Project Management
  • Surviving and Thriving in Virtual Meetings
  • Efficient, Effective, Engaging Meetings
  • Keeping Team Morale High when Everything Else is Low
  • How to make Transformative Change Happen in a Tough Environment

We’re open to your feedback: Are you feeling the fear? What would help you in your workplace and on your team? 
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